Crew Visas

Sailing the seas or managing maritime operations demands expertise and dedication. At Hershenson Immigration Law Firm, we understand the unique challenges faced by maritime professionals. Our Crew Visa services are tailored to meet the specific needs of seafarers, ensuring hassle-free travel and efficient processing for crew members.

Our Crew Visa Services Offer:

Visa Application Assistance: We assist crew members in applying for appropriate crew visas, understanding the specific requirements and documentation necessary for swift approval.

Crew Member (B-1) Visas: For crew members serving on maritime vessels, we streamline the B-1 visa application process, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating smooth embarkation and disembarkation procedures.

Transit Visas (C-1/D): Our team helps seafarers obtain C-1/D visas for transit purposes, ensuring they can join vessels or travel between ports without interruption.

Visa Renewals and Extensions: We facilitate visa renewals and extensions, ensuring crew members can continue their maritime activities without disruptions caused by visa expirations.

Crew Lists and Documentation: We assist in preparing accurate crew lists and necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with immigration and maritime regulations.

Problem Resolution: In cases of visa denials or issues, we advocate on behalf of crew members, resolving problems and liaising with relevant authorities to facilitate solutions.

At Hershenson Immigration Law Firm, we recognize the importance of maritime professionals in global trade and transportation. Our dedicated immigration experts are committed to simplifying the visa process, allowing crew members to focus on their essential roles. Contact us today for reliable Crew Visa services and experience worry-free journeys for you and your team.